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Presents for the Bestie’s Birthday – $20 and Under!

I know all of us want to be able to give our best friends the best of the best – especially on their birthday. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. And with my best friend’s birthday right around the corner (January 19th to be exact), I thought I’d make a couple posts with birthday gift ideas. Below I’ve picked out two options for several different types of people – all at $20 or below!

For the Foodie:


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Weather your foodie friend is happy to cook their own food, or would rather just enjoy the cooking of others, there’s a gift for both! One Pan and Done by Molly Gilbert over at Anthropologie ($17.99) has everything from breakfast to dessert covered inside – and a bonus is that you won’t mind volunteering to help clean up after with just one pan for every recipe! MacarOn Café is a bakery based out of NYC (there are four locations around the city) that touts kosher certified macaroons that are easily shipped to anywhere in the US. Each size gift box has the option to choose between the ‘Freshly Made Daily MacarOn Mix’ or the ability to choose your own flavors. The Small Luxury Gift Box holds 6 macaroons, for $18.00, in flavors varying from Vanilla to Nutella to Earl Grey, with 18 flavor options in total.

For the Tea Lover:


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For the bestie with a tea obsession, there’s this cute manatee tea infuser, only this one also comes with a cute matching mug with “Go with the flow” printed on the side for $19.99 over at Anthropologie. Or if your bestie is more the type to want to brew an entire kettle at once, Amazon has this really nice glass teapot with a built in infuser for $14.99 – which I would totally buy myself if I had any extra room in my kitchen. Maybe when I move to a larger apartment.

For the Coffee Drinker:


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Okay, so normally I’m not big on monogram or initial items, but these Gilded Shapes Monogram Mugs are actually really pretty! A bonus is that each letter is unique, while still looking like a collection when in groups. Bonus is that Anthropologie currently has them on sale for $6.95. If you need more of an on-the-go option, Amazon has the Bodum Coffee Press Insulated Travel Mug for $12.95. Not only does this keep your coffee warm, but it has the built in french press, meaning you can prep your coffee and have it super fresh – even if you wait until you get to the office!

The Wine-o:


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Now my best friend actually already has this first one, so she can attest that the Kato Wine Accessories set from Amazon is fantastic! The set contains a foil cutter, wine pourer/stopper combo, drip ring, a second stopper, and a corkscrew – everything minus the actual wine! Bonus is that the case closes up to look like a nice sleek wine bottle – all for $15.98. Or if you are like me and your bestie has the set already (or doesn’t deem them self fancy enough to need a drip ring and foil cutter) then look no further than Crate & Barrel. I love slightly unexpected home goods stores for wine stoppers because they tend to have some really nice ones for cheap. These happen to come in a set of two for $16.95, which is even better! Who only ever has one bottle open at a time anyway, right?

The Cat Friend:


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One of my favorite coffee table books Cats on Instragram by Chronicle Books is an easy must have for any cat lover. You can probably find it in most bookstores, and several popular mall stores, but Mod Cloth currently has it on sale for $14.99 – meaning it’s still in budget even after taxes – and who knows, maybe next time you’re visiting, it’ll be on their coffee table and you’ll get sucked into it too! If your bestie isn’t much for books, World Market has a set of three tea rests for $8.97 – though as someone who has almost bought these a few times in store, I can happily say that they can also be used to catch all dishes, spoon rests, or even just a dedicated space to sit that noise-y cat toy at night.

The Dog Friend:


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I’ll be the first to admit that cats are definitely having a moment in pop culture, so for the dog person out there, it may be a little harder to find gifts. Luckily, I’ve found a couple of cute ones that I think do just the trick! First up, a pair of Corgi earrings from ModCloth that I’m sure my bestie will love if I show her. If you aren’t big on corgis, they have a couple other breads available as well for $15.00. If earrings aren’t their thing, how about a cute little ceramic pit bull? It’s only 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide, meaning it can fit in even the smallest of apartments or houses! I found it over at At Home for $9.99, and they also have a few other breads available as well in other listings!

The Traveler:

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Friends with the travel bug can be hard to shop for at times. You want to give them something they will use and love, but finding items that are small enough that they will want to leave room for it in their carry-on can be difficult. Something I’ve found a lot of people are loving right now are travel journals. Urban Outfitters has this one for $14.00 (and another with a VW bus on the cover) that are a great mix of lined journal pages and pockets for photos, keepsake items, or other items they may want to commemorate during their travels. Or perhaps something that is more of an ever day item? Target has this TSA approved travel bottle and jar set that comes with its own bag for $9.99, and it’s pretty enough that they won’t even mind it being on the bathroom counter at home either!

and finally…

For the Glamazon:


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Sometimes I feel like we are beauty gurus forget that it isn’t all just about the face and what goes on it. We also need to think about the rest of our skin, nails, clothes, and hair. Which is where the Ouai To Go Kit comes into play. This kit is a $20 limited edition one that comes with a dry shampoo, wave spray, hail oil, and as a bonus, three elastic hair ties. Brownie points that it’s good for all hair types, so even if your bestie is particularly picky like me, this set will work for them! On the makeup side, there’s the Solar Flare Baked Eyeshadow Palette from BH Cosmetics. 18 colors for $15.99 is a steal, and anyone who has tried BH before (I can’t count how many palettes I’ve had from them over the years) knows the brand is great at making super pigmented, yet affordable shadows.

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