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Lush Haul: Valentines Day 2018

Every year around mid-January Lush brings out their Valentine’s Day collection for the year. So since by now, you should all realize I am a Lush addict, I of course planned to go the day of the in-store launch to see what this year entailed, but that is another post entirely. If you are wanting to see only what I ended up picking up, this is the post for you! If you want to see the whole collection, head over here to my round up.

The Kiss lip scrub: I can’t tell you how excited I was for this one. I love the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush and thought this one with its tiny hearts added in looked so cute! The reviews online (yes, I peaked. I couldn’t wait to see what they had, so I needed a game plan!) were wishy washy about the scent and flavor, but I couldn’t find anyone that actually mentioned either of them. The in store tester smelled great (I refuse to use the tester lip scrubs, it just seems unsanitary to me) so I popped it in my basket, figuring that it would be similar to the Bubblegum flavor I already owned. Even the Lush girls agreed I would like it.


Aren’t the hearts pretty!? …and totally 100% deceiving! As soon as I finished taking pictures of this, I tried it out and Oh. My. GOD. It tastes disgusting. Like straight up sea salt gross. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely still use it, but it will be an at home/wipe off with a damp cloth item only. This is the first time I’ve bought a lip scrub that didn’t have some sort of pleasing flavor to it, and I’m surprised that they thought sea salt would go over well – even for a limited edition item. Keep the hearts, give me back that synthetic bubblegum flavoring please!


Love Boat bath bomb: This is right up my alley. Lemony citrus and pretty pastel colors for the bath! It’s going to go well with anything I pair with it, as well as look perfect for an Instagram photo or two. It’s been sitting in it’s bag on the shelf in my bathroom over the weekend just waiting for me to have time to wind down and toss it in a bath, but honestly I’ve been putting it off because it has made my tiny little bathroom smell so good that I don’t want to use it!



Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt: This one was on my list with a question mark next to it. While it looked great, and I was in need of a new bubble bar, I’m never sure about bergamot oil. I either end up loving the product or hating it. This one I surprisingly (and happily) liked enough to bring home to use with the Love Boat bath bomb. The cocoa butter on top is a nice added touch to help make the bath water leave your skin silky smooth without adding any bath oil, however could be a slight sensory issue for some people (myself included, taking pictures and moving it around was a slight nightmare every time I accidentally touched the topping).

Have you picked up anything from Lush lately? What did you get? What are you lusting after?

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