Lush’s Valentines Day Collection 2018

On the 19th Lush brought their new Valentines Day collection to their brick and mortar stores, so you know I had to stop in and see what there was! After all, in just over one month since I started the blog, I've written about Lush a couple of times already. An added bonus for myself, is that… Continue reading Lush’s Valentines Day Collection 2018

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Lush Haul: Valentines Day 2018

Every year around mid-January Lush brings out their Valentine's Day collection for the year. So since by now, you should all realize I am a Lush addict, I of course planned to go the day of the in-store launch to see what this year entailed, but that is another post entirely. If you are wanting… Continue reading Lush Haul: Valentines Day 2018

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Top 10 Brands I Want To Try in 2018

Lately I've been catching up on all I've been missing in the beauty community, and with my makeup storage post still fresh in my mind, I've realized just how many popular brands I've never tried out. So I started making a list of things mentioned in beauty videos, Instagram posts, blog posts, and Snapchat of… Continue reading Top 10 Brands I Want To Try in 2018

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My Top 5 Instagrammers for Makeup

Recently I've been getting back on Instagram again after not really opening the app for a few months, and was struck by some of the looks my favorite makeup gurus have been creating lately. Today I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite accounts to follow for makeup and beauty. 5. milk1422 milk1422 doesn't show… Continue reading My Top 5 Instagrammers for Makeup

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Favorite Places to Shop for Furniture

  Today I thought I'd talk about something a little different that I love - interiors. Or well, rather the furniture that goes in them. I grew up watching all the design shows on TLC and then over on HGTV when they all started migrating over there. I had even applied to college with interior design as… Continue reading Favorite Places to Shop for Furniture

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Presents for the Bestie’s Birthday – $20 and Under!

I know all of us want to be able to give our best friends the best of the best - especially on their birthday. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible. And with my best friend's birthday right around the corner (January 19th to be exact), I thought I'd make a couple posts with birthday gift ideas.… Continue reading Presents for the Bestie’s Birthday – $20 and Under!

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What’s in my bag? – Weekend Edition

I've had the last couple of days off and have enjoyed the time to be able to get out of the house and kinda just do whatever I wanted - laundry, household chores, and all the other things that typically encompass my days off were finished or scheduled to do later in the week. Which… Continue reading What’s in my bag? – Weekend Edition